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Reusable Wet Wipe Bag — Large

Reusable Wet Wipe Bag — Large

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Our reusable wet wipes travel case is the perfect size for storing wet and dry wipes in your car, having them in your backpack, in your to-go kit, or while travelling.

Never have your wet wipes dry out again with this sealed and portable travel case. Buy your wet or dry wipes in bulk, and then portion them into reusable travel cases to go further, and so that you have what you need wherever you go. You can even cut wipes down to size to fit more easily in this small size case.

Perfect for those with kids, as a clean up tool while eating on-the-go in your car, and to have on hand for those travelling with incontinence as a quick and easy clean up tool, and for those with medical adaptions as an easy way of managing clean ups and spills as well.

Pair one of our wet wipes travel cases with one of our reusable rubbish bag dispensers to make any clean up a breeze to navigate, manage and sort out easily. 

Eco friendly, reusable, ready to be on hand for any of your clean up needs. The ziplock closure makes it easy to replenish and refill your travel case as you need, and the slim compact style means that it won’t take up a lot of extra space. It has a strap with a clip to make it easy and convenient for you to attach the wet wipes travel case to anything you want or need! 

… Because anything that makes life easier is a win!

Note: Patterns, colours and styles change frequently. Pattern or colour is available while stocks last, at which point we will update with a new pattern range! 


Material: PVC and Plastic 

Size: 24.5cm (L) x 13.5cm (W)  x 1cm (D) 

Weight:  35 grams 

Package Includes: 1x Wet Wipes Travel Case  


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