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Trigger Finger Brace

Trigger Finger Brace

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This brace is great for those with trigger finger as well as anyone who has arthritis, tendonitis, or instability of a finger joint or knuckle as well as so many more…

It can be used to help straighten a finger from bent or curved to straight, as well as help to bend a finger. It can be used to stabilise joints, ligaments or tendons, as well as be used to be guard and protect a finger joint too. Great for relieving pain or preventing injury.

With this brace, you can comfortably fit it to the finger that you are having trouble with, no matter which hand or finger is needing the extra support right now. 

These braces are made with a light weight and sturdy aluminium support bar, covered with a skin friendly, and soft to the touch composite cloth lining. This will help to both support and straighten out your finger, and relieve pain, while supporting your comfort also. With the adjustible velcro close, you are able to adjust it as often as you need, to add or relieve compression. 



Material: cloth, nylon, wire, alloy 

Size: 14.5cm (L) x 6.4cm (H) x 

Weight: 16 grams 

Package includes: 1x Trigger finger Brace 

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