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Portable Water Heater for Car

Portable Water Heater for Car

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Finally a way to hear and boil water while you’re on the run and in the car! Keep those hot teas and water coming without the need for the big thermos or water. 

These are light weight and compact, they are perfect to keep in the car for travel both near and far, and are small enough to fit in a closed hand or the pocket in your jeans. It can be used to heat any thin liquid such as water, coffee, tea, and broths. And is a great way to hear water on-the-go for those who have little ones who are on baby formula for their child’s milk bottles. It will plug directly into any cars 12V cigarette lighter. 

How to use: 

To use, just submerge your heater tongs into your cup or mug of water (BEFORE YOU PLUG IT IN), and then let it work it’s magic. Wait 15 seconds and your water will start coming up to temperature. As a reference, it will bring 500ml of water to temperature in about 10 minutes. Once it’s at the temperature that you would like, you unplug it and then remove it from the liquid. Plugging and unplugging it while it is in the water is important, so that it doesn’t burn out the safety fuse.  

Note: Due to its dynamics we only recommend thin liquids similar consistency to water. We do not recommend using it for any thicker drink products. 



Material: ABS Plastic + Copper 

Size: 13.8cm (L) x 2.6cm (W) x 2.7cm (H) 

Cable Length: 0.9 meters 

Power: Approx. 140W

Input Voltage: DC 12V 

Weight: 54 grams 

Package includes: 1x Portable Water Heater for Car 

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