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Toothpaste Self-Sealing Cap

Toothpaste Self-Sealing Cap

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Say goodbye to the frustrations that can come with the toothpaste being messy on the end of the cap, the cap not being closed properly after it’s use, and then dried toothpaste stacking up around the lid… 

… And say hello to clean toothpaste lid that is always cleanly capped, the toothpaste is easy to squeeze out in small amounts at a time and it can be wiped easily. No more toothpaste through the drawer, no more accidentally squeezing out far too much, and no more mess. This silicone toothbrush cap takes care of it all! 

Note: Available on white, purple, pink and blue. Please enquire for ordering the other colours from us.  


Material: Silicone 

Size: 2.9cm (W) x 2.1cm (L) 

Weight: 6 grams 

Package includes: 1x Self Sealing Toothpaste Cap 

How to use the self-sealing toothpaste cap

➡️ Remove the original toothpaste cap that came with the toothbrush snd screw this self-sealing cap onto the toothpaste tube, ensuring it is securely in place.
➡Squeeze the tube to dispense the desired amount of toothpaste, squeezing it onto the toothbrush, or wiping the toothbrush across the top of the cap itself. The self-sealing cap will automatically open and close, preventing excess toothpaste from leaking out.
➡Cleaning the cap — just wipe the cap with a damp cloth to remove any toothpaste residue as needed.
➡ Store the toothpaste tube as usual, with the self-sealing cap in place helping to keep the nozzle clean and hygienic, and no more excess toothpaste build up. 

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