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Steering Wheel Food Tray

Steering Wheel Food Tray

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A portable table for the vehicle driver. Hook it directly into the steering wheel and you instantly now have an ergonomic desk space while you’re in the car and on-the-go. It’s a great device to have with you when you’re on-the-road and still have your work hat on.

No more trying to juggle the laptop or note books on your lap or against the steering wheel itself. It’s also handy for while you’re waiting on the kids to jump in the car after school, or waiting on someone to finish up in town with errands — get what you need sorted and make use of the time! Having something to pop the laptop onto when you have had to pull over for the urgent and sudden work call makes all the difference! 

Light weight, portable, sturdy. Simply set the table onto the steering wheel, and it will fall directly into place offering you a strong, durable and stable platform to work, eat, and pass the time on in the car. It also makes great table for the driver with food on the run, and can easily be sorted under the seat, or in the back pocket of the front seats. Handy when you need it, but still tidy. This table has been a winner.


Material: Heavy Duty PP Plastic 

Size: 42cm (W) x 28cm (total height) x 21.5cm (total tray length) x 2cm (D) 

Weight:  530 grams 

Package includes: 1x steering wheel tray 

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