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Staple Free Stapler

Staple Free Stapler

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Staple freely, safely and never run out of staples again with this staple free stapler. Reusable, eco friendly, good for the office, home, and in spaces with kids. This stapler ingeniously works by cutting through the pages you wish to staple together, then folding those pieces over each other to create the staple that is designed and crafted using the very paper itself! This also means that if you did find you needed to undo the pages, pulling them apart is not hard to do either. 

This stapler is also a perfect first start out stapler for kids too. Made out of durable ABS plastic, the blade for the stapler to do it’s magic is held safefully and carefully inside the spring loaded cavity in the stapler. 

Note: This staple free stapler ideally works best when you wanting to staple between 2 - 5 pages together. We do not suggest any more than this as it may jam. 


Material: ABS Plastic + Metal 

Size: 6.5cm (L) x 5.5cm (W) x 5cm (D) 

Weight: 50 grams 

Package includes: 1x Staple Free Stapler 

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