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Reusable Eco Ear Cleaner

Reusable Eco Ear Cleaner

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These have been such a game changer! Finally a safe, gentle, careful, effective and productive way to clean your ear canals of the wax build up, while limiting risk of damage by only using the soft silicone tips. The bonus with these is that they are super easy to clean and just wash and wipe clean ready for use next time! No more single use plastic cotton tips being thrown out, and one handle will do the whole family all using their own tip — and plenty to still have spare as well! 



Material: PP durable hard plastic with soft silicone tip 

Size: 10cm handle length (12.1cm with tip attached),  2cm diameter, 2.7cm length for just the tip itself. 

Weight: 27 grams 

Package includes: 1x handle + 16 reusable tips 


How to use

 1. To use get your handle and one of the silicone tips (the rest can be stored away for now for future use…)

2. Connect your tip and the handle. Do this by lining up the handle and tip grooves and clicking into place.

3. To use the tip to clear wax from your ears, gently insert the silicone tip into your ear canal and turn it carefully and gently in the direction of the arrow on the handle. As you do this, carefully and slowly draw it out. There should be wax on this now. To remove the wax you can run the tip under some warm water and with a gentle soap wash it, and use a dry cloth to remove any wax that still remains on the tip. You may want or need to do this a couple of times per ear, and then repeat this same process on your other ear too.

4. When you are finished, wash and lightly dry your tool and pop away for use next time. Or store your own tip with your toiletries if you have a family handle. 

5. Its that easy! 

Please note: We are not medical professionals, and do not endorse or offer any medical information. This info is supplied here for your own information, but we take no liability or responsibility for use of this item. For any queries or concerns please see your GP/Dr. 

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