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Adaptive ‘No Tie’ Shoelaces — Silicone

Adaptive ‘No Tie’ Shoelaces — Silicone

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A fun, easy and quick way to get your shoes on and off quickly without the need to tie laces or connect a buckle. Simply slide your foot into your shoe and off you go! To remove, simply slide your foot out! It’s the easy! No more effort needed to tie and untie shoes!

These laces are great for kids, older persons, people with arthritis, stroke, weakness, disabilities, people who struggle with coordination and those who are just busy on the go people who don’t want to have to stop to keep tying up a shoelace while on the move! 

Quick to install, easy to use. They look great on too! Sold in a set of 16 pieces, there are various sizes available in each pack to help meet your individual needs and can be able to be used by kids and adults!

Make your shoes stand out in style — there are many creative ways to style these laces as well, have a look at our photos as inspiration for your own lace styling! 

To put your new silicone laces on your shoes, follow our written step by step instructions below, follow our step by step photos, or see our video for our 'how to’. 

If you are interested in other colours, please enquire!


Materials: Silicone 

Size: 3.9cm - 7.2cm (L) (Sizes vary)

Weight: 28 grams 

Package contains: 16x Silicone Lace Straps 



1. Remove your old laces from your shoes.

2. Thread each silicone lace between both sides of the holes on each of your shoes at each level. Use the length required to hold your foot for the best comfort.

3. Don’t need to do anything else. To put your shoe on simply hold the tongue of your shoe and slide your foot in, and when ready to remove slide your foot out.

4. Any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!   

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