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Self Locking Buckle Hook

Self Locking Buckle Hook

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Our self locking hooks work well for a range of needs and situations. These hooks fold in on themselves to be super compact, and then expand to the various shapes and sizes to accomodate a range of situations where you want to safely hang various items, such as:

On The Go / Camping 
We recommend these hooks for portable travel for such things such as while camping to hang tent ropes, cups, camp lights, or keys. You can safely hang a portable shower, or even using them to keep coat hangers in place and clothing items blowing away…

For those with medical conditions: 
If you or a loved one is one of the many people in our community living at home with tube feedings, have permanent IV access to be run infusions, or a stoma to flush the bowel, then having this little tool on hand might help take some of the unknowns and stresses out or travelling, knowing no matter what that you’ll have a way to hang your products on some item that is found in the household. Whether that is from a rail in a wardrobe, the top of a lamp shade, from a picture hook in the wall, or the latch on a window. With this hook you’ll have a wider range of choices, and know you can hang the bag itself so that it is safely secure. 


Material: Aluminium Alloy  

Size folded: 4cm (L) x 4.2cm (W) x 0.6cm (D) 

Size extended: 6cm (L) x 5.7cm (W) x 0.6cm (D) 

Bearing Weight: 5kg 

Weight: 11 grams 

Package includes:  1x Hook (Or per package deal) 

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