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Remote Control Protector — Shrink Wrap

Remote Control Protector — Shrink Wrap

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Keep your remotes clean and protected from little hands with these fantastic screen protector shrink wrap cases for all of your remotes and small items. 

These covers help to keep dust and grubby fingers off of the remotes making them super easy to wipe down and clean. They also work really well at keeping the battery cover on your remote and in place, so that it doesn’t fall off, break, or go missing. It also helps to keep the batteries contained, and safely away from being easily accessible to little ones. The covers will help make your remote water resistant so that if it is submerged in water of any kind, you’ll have more time to rescue and dry it off, without it automatically no longer working… and hopefully it’s as good as new!

Convenient, easy to use and also easy to remove if you ever wanted or needed to. The remote cover has been made big enough to fit most remote sizes. It is discrete, and intentionally understated. It works well!

This product was first made available for a family that has a child with a disability and a penchant for water, and frequently submerged remotes in water. This has given some barrier and safe guarding to keep them working, and they have been happy with the results. 


Material: PP Plastic Shrink Wrap 

Size: 27cm x 12cm 

Weight: 5 grams 

Package includes: 5x Remote Controller Shrink Wrap 

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