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Potato Peeling Gloves

Potato Peeling Gloves

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Holding a peeler isn’t always easy, practical, or functional for many reasons and many people who still want to be able to meal prep and peel tubular vegetables without the barrier of holding a peeler, so we found an alternative to that - these peeling gloves!

How do you use them? Simply pop them on your hands, and then run your hands under the water. Using water you can scrub the skin of the potato’s. The rough rubbing your hands over the potato will help to peel the skin of it off with using the gloves. Give your hands a rinse under the tap, and scrub both hands together to help remove built up potato skin, and then keep going. When finished, rinse and dry. These gloves can be reused - no more finicky peelers!


Material:  Nylon

Size: 20cm / one size fits all 

Weight: 30 grams  

Package Includes: 1x set of potato peeling gloves 

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