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Portable anti theft luggage carrier

Portable anti theft luggage carrier

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Secure your hand luggage, handbag, purse or backpack to your travel bags with this luggage strap. It allows you to attach your hand luggage, to your key travel bag, or any of the bags above. You can also use it to carry your jumper or jacket on the outside of your bag but still keep it tightly secure with your travel luggage and even your backpack or other belongings.

You can also use this luggage strap on the back of your wheelchair or another mobility device to allow you to securely carry your jacket, jumper or bag and also know that it’s not easy to be grabbed / removed. 

Using a luggage strap reduces chance of theft, and also helps to give you more peace of mind while out and about day to day, or on the road for longer trips!

Note: With this Rainbow Luggage Strap, we support our LGBT friends and the wider Rainbow community! Everyone deserves to be and feel safe in this world! 



Material: Polyester, ABS Plastic 

Total Sizesee below for components 

Elastic: 11cm 

Rainbow Strap: 50 - 66cm (L) x 5cm (W) 

Total: 66cm (L) 

Weight: 34 grams 

Package includes: 1x Luggage Strap 

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