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Triangular Playing Cards Stand

Triangular Playing Cards Stand

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Make playing cards easier with our triangular shaped playing card holders. Perfect for all types of card games, get one for yourself in your favourite colour, or an entire set for everyone to be able to use and enjoy! 

These are a great solution for those with arthritis, pain, and disabilities that affect their hands, as well as being great for those with muscle weakness, fatigue issue, as well as being elderly or younger children. These don’t just work for those that need a more accessible option when playing card games — they work for everyone and make it easier and fun for anyone wanting to play card games a bit more easily!! 

These also make great gifts for those you love too! 




Material: Plastic 

Size: 8.6cm (W) x 8.2cm (H) x 2.5cm (D) 

Capacity: Will expand to fit 10 - 12 cards with ease 

Weight: 10 grams each 

Package Contains: 1x Playing Cards Stand 

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