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Pill + Medication Tracker

Pill + Medication Tracker

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Keeping track of which medications you have taken each day, and which doses you have or have not yet had can sometimes feel like a nightmare. It can be even harder when you’re then trying to keep track of that for someone else under your watch and care.

We have worked to remove some of that with our medication dose trackers. These medication trackers attach to each medication you take. You can easily track up to 3 doses of a medication per day of the week with this tracker. If you have more doses than that a day, the numbers on the back 1 - 9 will allow you to continue to track those additional daily doses.  

Each medication tracker has been made with a high quality silicone ring that will fit and adjust to a wide variety of lids for medication tablet and liquid bottles. 



Material: Plastic, Silicone 

Size: Please see below… 

Pill Dose Counter: 5.5cm (L) x 4.2cm (W) 

Weight: 70 grams 

Package includes: 1x Pill Dose Counter, 1x Pill Bottle 

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