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Pill Counting Tray with Dispenser

Pill Counting Tray with Dispenser

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If you, your child or a loved one you care for has a chronic illness, or are on a number of medications, you’ll know the drag that can come with having to count and dose out medications for the dose, the day, the week — or sometimes even the month depending on how you chose to navigate managing your dairy medications. While some pharmacies can now offer a service to help dispense medications into weekly blister packs, this is not necessarily an option that will work or is even a service that is available to all people. 

Making the pharmacy dispensers ‘tool of the trade’ available to you now at home, makes it easier for you to be able to count out, dish out, and dispense what you need for your medications easier and more hygienically and with a more precise accuracy than simply using the palm of your hand and your fingers. 

— Make managing medications a breeze, with this tray. 
— Manage, count and dispense meds without touching them. 
— Count pills quickly and efficiently
— Durable tray with a clear chute cover  
— Handle easily with ergonomic tray and spatial handle, making it more intuitive & comfortable to use.  


Material: Plastic 

Size: 18.5cm x 13.3cm approx 

Weight: 110 grams 

Package includes: 1x counting tray and spatula 

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