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Ostomy Bag Covers

Ostomy Bag Covers

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Our ostomy bag covers have been designed here in New Zealand to meet the needs of the Ostomate Community (those who have an Ostomy bag), and to provide fun, bright, colourful, and fashionable bag covers for ostomy wearers. 

Ostomy bag covers aren’t just a cosmetic or fashion choice, they are also functional, practical, and meet the needs of ostomates for comfort, and skin health.  

What is different about our ostomy bag covers?
1.  100% cotton ostomy bag face (front of the bag) with lots of fun prints, colour and design options. 

2. We use bamboo fabric on the back of each of our bags, this means that it’s super soft against the skin, absorbent, and has anti bacterial and anti microbial properties. It will keep the skin against the bag dry, and absorb and dissipate any sweat that builds up quickly, keeping your skin in its best possible shape.

3. Lycra around the ostomy site itself to help keep the bag tightly and snuggly in place without constructing your ostomy, it also supports the lowest possible profile to reduce any bulk that can sometimes be made thickets with wearing some styles of covers. 

4. Easy access. A front peep hole at the bottom of the bag means that the bag sits flush against the skin, but that you can easily open the flap to check your ostomy without having to remove your ostomy cover. 

5. Easy to put on. With a wide opening base, you can easily slide your hand inside to grab your bag and pull the bag cover on in a few easy quick steps (see our video for demonstration). 

6. Careful design means that it will comfortably fit all 3 sizes of ostomy bag (for the Eakin Range), so that you can use the right sized bag for the right time, and still just only have to have the one ostomy bag cover.

7. Custom fit design. We know that one size never fully comfortably fits all sizes, so we have carefully designed bag covers to fit a range of ostomy bags. If your specific bag isn’t mentioned as being currently fit for our covers, send us an email and we will make it for you, and then add it to the range that we provide! There is no extra charge for this, we are just working to build our range of pre-fit designs as it is requested. 

8. We up-cycle, reuse + repurpose all material that we can wherever we can first, to help to do our part to be environmentally and eco-friendly for our planet. 


Material: 100% Cotton, Bamboo Fabric 

Size: 23.5cm (L) x 16cm (W at widest part) 

Wafer Size: 4.5cm (diameter, stretchy adjustable) 

Front Easy Access Pocket: 13cm (W) 

Weight: 12 — 17 grams each 

Package includes: 1x Ostomy Bag Cover 

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: We thank G-Gee’s for their incredible support in helping us to bring this pattern and design to life. G-Gee is an incredible designer living in the Mighty Waikato. G-Gee collaborated with us on this product, and gifted us the finalised pattern.


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