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Multi-functional Heating Pad

Multi-functional Heating Pad

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Ease tension, and pain in your shoulder with the flick of your cape, and the click of a button — it is a game changer for bringing relief to neck pain, tension and cramps or spasms and helps those who find they get cold easily. Stay warm with this USB heating pack.  

Whether you are laying down at rest, are up and about, in the car, or walking around, relieve your tension and ease pain with the electric shoulder heat pack. With its USB cable it can be used anywhere that you are. Plug it into the wall, or connect it to a power bank, the cord is long enough to accomodate holding the power bank in a pocket on your top or trousers.

Features: 3 heating levels, and 3 lengths of time, you can set the heat and time for what works best for your needs.

Note: While this has been designed for the neck and shoulders, it can also be used over other parts of your body. The cape works well for laying over your stomach, or sitting against a chair with for your lower back. It can be used to be rested over your lap, and you can even wrap one of your limbs it in for relief too. 

The extra large heating pads have been designed to give you maximum heating coverage to provide the best possible relief at a range of temperature options. The back width of the heating pad extends to 28cm, and you can chose from 3 set temperature of 45°C, 55°C, or 65°C - depending on what suits you best.  

Feel the heated relief for shoulder, neck and upper back pain in no time, without being weighed down,  without the frequent need to reheat heating pads.

Works well for:

— those with neck and shoulder pain 

— those who get cold quite easily 

— those who work at an office or admin desk job 

writers, and artists who use the shoulder a lot 

— those in heavy manual lifting jobs 

wheelchair users when out during cooler times 

— to relieve arthritic and chronic pain conditions 

— to ease muscle knots and tensions 

— to provide comfort & relief overwhelm + anxiety 

— for many other uses 

These make great gifts for yourself or a loved one. 


Material: Mink Plush

Size: See below for more details

Total Size: 30cm(L) X 53cm (L) x 45cm (W)

Collar: 32cm (L) x 10cm (W) 

Adjustable: 50cm (L)- 46cm (L) - 42cm (L)

3x Heat Settings45℃, 55℃, and 65℃

3x Timing Settings: 30min, 45min,  60min 

Weight: 178 grams  + 42 grams cable

Package includes: 1 x Heating Pad + 1 x USB Cable


How to use: Turn on the power. Click and turn on the temperature button to start heating . Adjust the length of time. There are 3 heating levels and 3 lengths of time. If the display shows green you’re good to go. Adjust the temperature/time as needed.


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