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Cooling Migraine Cap

Cooling Migraine Cap

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Great for people with:

1. Headaches and Migraines: 
If you have migraines or headaches - this is a great solution. Life changing in more ways that one, I’m no longer so scared when a migraine hits, as I now have a way that provides relief from the very worst parts of it! This ice pack cap make all the difference - and we have had such great feedback over and over again!

2. Overheating in the heat or with hot flushes 
These caps are also great in the heat of summer, to help you cool down quickly when you’re overheating.

3. Help to reduce impact of hair loss with chemo.
They can be used for people starting out on chemo to help reduce the overall effects of hair loss by wearing the cold cap for a period of time prior to, during and after a chemo infusions to keep the scalp cool during treatment. How does it work? Research is showing that if you cool the scalp during an infusion that it tightens the pores and hair follicles, making it harder for the chemo to impact the individual hair follicles. Please note: you need to keep your head cool for the duration of the time to work best, so more than one cooling head pack may be needed for best results. 

4. Light sensitivity
The cap can pull down easily over the eyes to create a black out mask to help provide cool comfort for any light sensitivity issues happening due to the migraine. 


Keep this ice pack in the fridge (or freezer for extra relief that works longer) so it’s ready for when you need it. Fitting snugly to the head, providing direct iced cool comfort exactly where it’s most needed. 

No more having to try and hold or tie an ice pack to your head, or be constantly wringing out hot cloths - this thing does the trick and makes it so much easier! 

Plus! It comes in purple! How much better can it be? 


Material: Ice packs with a Lycra material cover 

Size: 56cm diameter (should fit most heads and has an opening at the top for pony tail, long or thick hair). 

Weight: 352 grams 

Package includes: 1x Migraine Cooling Cap 

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