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MIC® Jejunostomy Feeding Port Adapter

MIC® Jejunostomy Feeding Port Adapter

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Avanos now offers a NEW ENFit®jejunostomy solution for patients’ long-term feeding needs! As the only supplier in the market to offer this innovative product, Avanos combines the reliability of our MIC* Jejunostomy Feeding Tube with the added safety of the NEW ENFit® Connector. The unique design features a tethered cap for easy closure, along with the ability to directly connect to an ENFit® syringe.

Note: Avanos Medical’s MIC* Jejunostomy Feeding Port Adapter is intended for use with the MIC* Jejunostomy Feeding Tubes. Beneficial components include a radiopaque stripe and trimmable distal tip.



Materials: Silicone 

Weight: 3 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Feeding Port Adapter (order individually or in a set of 5 adapters per package). 

Note: Adapter is meant exclusively for single-use.

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