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Medication Bottle Syringe Adapter Caps — Avanos (ENFit Compatible)

Medication Bottle Syringe Adapter Caps — Avanos (ENFit Compatible)

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Medication bottle caps make drawing up medications and small trophic feeds suddenly so much easier! No more having to pour medications into a container and then draw up and have all of the mess to clean up — you can just connect the syringe to the top of the bottle, tip the bottle upside down, and then draw the required amounts into the syringe with better precision, less air bubbles, and a whole lot less mess! 

“The NeoMed transfer lid allows transfer of contents between a storage container and an enteral syringe while promoting aseptic technique.“ 

Both Enfit and non Enfit are available, in both purple and orange colours. Using both colours can help you to differentiate between different medications and their uses also (such as regular meds versus PRN’s).

Will fit a wide variety of medication bottles as well as your standard collection bottles for various needs. Allows for sterilised safer drawing up of medications. 

Now finally available to the open New Zealand market, we are proud to have partnered with Avanos be able to offer these to our customers and community here.  


Material: Medical Grade Plastic 

Size: as chosen from sizes available 

Weight: 2 — 5 grams (depending on size) 

Package Includes: 1x Bottle Cap Adapter 


How do I know what size to order?

To accurately determine the right size lid for your medication bottle, please measure the outside diameter of the bottle top. To do this, use a tape measure or ruler from one outer side to the other. FI d the corresponding similar bottle lid diameter in the options for sizes, and that should be the correct one.


Are the lids reusable? 


How many should I order? 


Note: Information for this page has been partially collected directly from the Avanos Website. For more information on this product, including a list of resources and references, please see: AVANOS.COM

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