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S Clip — Mask Accessory

S Clip — Mask Accessory

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These “s clips” are a fantastic way to pull elastic straps together on your craft and items to allow you to easily hook and unhook the elastic strap as often as is needed. Originally sold to make attaching and wearing masks easier to use, and to help remove the elastic from behind the ears, we have found they have been since sought after for a variety of craft needs!

Made with PP plastic that has some bend and give in it, while still being solid to hold your straps in place, it makes it comfortable to wear, as well as being both light weight and discrete weighing less than one gram, and coming in at just over 5cm in overall length.

It has been designed with a few fixation points, one side is a more closed loop to help make sure it stays secure on the item, while the other is an open hook to make it easier and less fiddly to remove as is needed. 


Material: PP plastic 

Size: 5.3cm x 1.5cm 

Weight:  Less than 1 gram 

Package includes: 1x S clip 


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