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Magnetic Snaps / Cable Clips

Magnetic Snaps / Cable Clips

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Multi function magnetic cable ties are a fantastic way to easily keep your cables together without any need to manage velcro or tight clips. This is especially beneficial for anyone with dexterity struggles, or muscle weakness. The loop on each cord can be used to help keep the cable ties attached while it is being used so that you have easy access to wrap it back up again between uses.

These clips are easy to use, light weight, portable, compact, and come in a variety of fun bright colours!

They can also be used for a range of other uses:

— holding papers together without using a stapler. 

— As a way of wrapping up excess feeding tube or oxygen cords to help keep them out of the way, but also as a safe back up for disconnection if there is any hard tugging on the line to protect the tube sites. 

— use it as a bookmark in your favourite book, or to help highlight specific pages in a book you’re reading. 

— use them for your USB cables, phone charger, earphone or headphones, computer cords, to help sort and organise the excess cables of a device in use (such as the cables behind the TV or your computer). 



Material: Silicone 

Size: 7.2cm, but can stretch to 16.5cm 

Weight: 5 grams

Package includes: Magnetic Clips 

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