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Jewellery — Magnetic Clasp

Jewellery — Magnetic Clasp

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Make taking your jewellery on and off that much easier with our magnetic jewellery clasps - necklaces, bracelets, anklets and body jewellery. A way to wear them while not messing around with jewellery clasps!  

Wear all of your favourite jewellery again without the need to navigate difficult clips and clasps anymore!

Note: Please be aware that as it is a magnet closure, you will need to be aware and take a bit of extra care, as it may not have the same security as a usual clasp. 


Material: Zinc alloy

Size: 4.5cm (L) x 0.5cm (W) 

Weight: 2 grams 

Package Includes: 1x Set Magnetic Jewellery Clasps 

How it worksSimply hook both sides of the magnetic clasp to each side of your necklace’s clasp, and then let the magnet do the work! To put your necklace on, simply bring the necklace around your neck, and bring the magnets together. As soon as they are close enough they will click themselves into place. Simply adjust your necklace and you’re away! When you want to remove your necklace, just pull lightly on each side of the chain and it will release it.


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