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Kitchen Cord Tidy + Organise

Kitchen Cord Tidy + Organise

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Not every appliance comes with a device to wind and keep the excess cord out of the way when it’s in use, and often even when it’s to be packed away as well. Keep the cords on your appliances tidy and organised with these cord tidy’s. Keep kitchen benches clear, cords at the right length, and have the ability to wind and unwind a length of cord needed for an item when it’s not being actively kept and stored on the bench. These ‘cord tidy’ can also ensure than if your cord for your appliance becomes disconnected, that it still stays with your appliance so it’s never misplaced also. 

Use these cord tidy organisers for any of your kitchen, bathroom, and home need appliances. Great for toasters, air fryers, hot urns, coffee machines, juicers, and other daily living appliances. If it has space along a side to attach the adhesive sticker and place the cord tidy organiser, then you can use these! It will also adhere to items that heat up without worry! 

You can also use these to wind up extra cable behind a TV or TV cabinet, a sound system, behind a set of drawers, under a desk, and behind a computer. Use these in your bedroom, bathroom, ensuite, or garage.

They are made of a flexible material that will hold your cord in place when wound on without damaging it. 


Material: TPR 

Size: 10cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 2cm (D) 

Weight: 14 grams 

Package includes: 1x Set Cord Tidy Organiser 

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