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Hairdressers Scissors + Tool Pouch

Hairdressers Scissors + Tool Pouch

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Our hairdressers pouch is perfect for keeping your scissors and hairdressing tools on you at all times for access to what you need, as you need it. Made out of a PU Leather in zebra print, this belt specifically helps to raise awareness for rare disease and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Outside of this, it’s also a fantastic talking point and fashion statement. Use it for just how fun it is, or to be more tacticle to raise awareness for rare and hidden diseases and shine light on these spaces. 

The perfect tool for any home or professionally based hairdressers and barbers — whether you are own a salon, work in one, or you‘re based in a home setting. 

This tool is lightweight, compact, strong, and robust. It has a detachable belt that can be used both around the waist as a belt, or over the shoulder as a bag with a strap. Both options truly look and work fantastically. 

These bags make a fantastic gift for your loved ones. 


MaterialPU Leather


Colour: Black & White Zebra 


Package includes: 1x Hairdressing Scissors Pouch

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