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Dry Cleaning Cloth

Dry Cleaning Cloth

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Cleaning cloths with a difference! These have a technology built into them called a ‘fish scale’ or ‘diamond lattice’ cloth. It means that they will clean glass well without causing any risks for scratches, and without leaving any marks or streaks. They absorb water quickly, but are easily wrung out and quick to dry. They won’t leave any lint behind on your glasses or any glass surfaces you wiped down. They’re easy to use, readily absorb water really easily, and release it just as quickly when squeezed out too.

They make a great cloth for your glasses, but can also be used to wipe down any mirrors and glass tables, furniture, reflective surfaces, or the inside of your car.

Keep on hand in house for all your cleaning needs — from the kitchen sink, to the bathroom, to dusting and general cleaning needs through to on-the-go for your car interior, and handbag needs for keeping your specs and sunnies spotless for clear and crisp vision.

Available in 3 colours: Green, Pink, and Grey.  


Material: Absorbent Fish Scale Material Cloth 

Size: 25cm (W) x 25cm (L) 

Weight: 10 grams 

Package includes: 1x Cleaning Cloth 

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