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Gift Card

Gift Card

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 We now have gift cards available for you to order as an e-card for our website. Just pick the amount that you would like to purchase, and we will send you a gift card that can be either emailed out, or printed out to gift to someone on your end. Every gift card has its own unique product code to enter as a discount code.

These gift cards are a great for: 

— someone who has helped or supported you, or your business or organisation in any way.

— saying thank you to a friend, colleague or loved one 

— as a way to bless someone you know (or maybe that you don’t know too!)

— As a way to pay it forward, or as a different way to share a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ with someone else 

— As a way to honour someone in your life 

— As a gift for a Birthday, Christmas or other holiday 

— To celebrate achievements in your life or their own  

— A way to say “Im thinking of you”

— To support someone going through medical treatment to access products that can practically help

— To support a loved one with disability to access items from our wide ranging catalogue to help in life 

— To help show others what else is out there, and how there are products in daily life that can help them

— As a way to let someone find what works for them 

— To remove financial barriers for others to find things that will help others navigate life more easily 

— A great way to share about the Kylee&Co products

Note: If you would like to order a bulk amount of gift cards at once, we can print these cards on our end. To engage this service, please email us first. Include details regarding the amount + number of gift cards.



Available in: $10, $25, $50, $100, and $250

Designs: Additional or custom designs can be made available on request


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