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Four Color Pen with Carabiner Clip

Four Color Pen with Carabiner Clip

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Are you always misplacing your own, or can never find one when you need it the most? Do your pens always tend to go walking? Or do you get frustrated that you don’t have the coloured ink pen on you that you want, or have to carry multiple pens to have colour options? 

As a way to help combat that, we can now offer 4-way colour pens with a built-in carabiner clip! 4 colours in the one pen, and a clip that means you can attach it to anything that you want to, need to, or that works! 

No more needing to tip string around the pen to not lose it, you can offer a really nice pen with options knowing that it will stay with you! Attach it to an elastic, a spring, or keychain, your belt loop, bag, a notebook, or anchor it to a desk — the GREAT thing with the clip is that if you need to detach it, it is super easy and straight forward to do, no trying to untie a knot, or having to slide it in and out. It just works well.



Material: Plastic with 4 ink colours and a clip 

Size: 14cm (L) x 2cm (W) x 2cm (D) 

Weight:  14 grams 

Package includes: 1x carabiner 4 way colour pen 


How to use: Use as you would a regular pen. There are 4 click down buttons to access the 4 different coloured ink pens that are inside of the pen shaft. There is a carabiner clip on the pen to easily hook the pen onto what is easiest and works for you — a belt loop, bag hook, chain or elastic, your pencil case, etc!

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