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Fishing Line Cleaner / Stripping Guard

Fishing Line Cleaner / Stripping Guard

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Love fly fishing, but hate how it can hurt your fingers at times? Use one of our finger guards and have a two-in-one solution to your needs and your fingers! 

These Fly Fishing Stripping Guards and Finger Protectors. Invest in one of these and make wiping down the line a breeze, save your fingers, and your precious time — less time for clean up, means more time for fishing. And for ‘The Fly Guy’, that is what matters the most. Protecting your gear and have fun! 

These gloves can be worn on either hand, and while they have been designed for your first two fingers, they can also be used with whatever works for you. 
Non-slip single finger casting glove. Adjustable elastic design, one size fits all. Glove is made of chemical fiber, conducive to grip. Specially made for fly fishing.  

*Enhances your grip for every retrieval and cast. *Prevent friction of line( or other thing) against your skin. *Save your finger from getting burned or cut by line and keep your line clean(such as from salt on your fly line).


Material: Polyester Nylon 

Size: 7cm (length per finger) x 2.5cm diameter (stretchy)

Weight: 5 grams each 

Package Includes: 1x Fly Fishing Stripping Guard 


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