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Sticker — Fidget Strip (phone, book, desk)

Sticker — Fidget Strip (phone, book, desk)

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Fidget stickers for the win! These stickers are a fantastic sensory and tactile experience for anyone that wants to use them — and provides fantastic sensory relief for anyone that fidgets or struggles with staying still or has to navigate stress & anxiety. 

Made of nylon material, the sticker is very durable with a strong adhesive under it. Have peace of mind that where you want to put it, it will stay on securely! when it is removed it doesn’t leave marks, and you can transfer it from various surfaces and it will still stay stuck down and in place. It’s very discrete and will stick to any flat surface of your choice. It works great on the back of your phone, so that you have it whenever you go with your phone. It can also be used on things such as your laptop, water bottle, wallet, note book, lunchbox or technology device so that you have it where you want it, available when it’s needed. 

Now available in a range of bright and fun colours and designs, there is something for everyone. Suitable for home, school, the workplace and community. Provides a fantastic sensory experience for those who need something to fidget with, and for those who like, or need different textures and patterns n their life. Also provides fantastic sound feedback when finger nails are drawn across and back on top of the sticker. 


Material: PEVA

Size: 10cm (L) x 2.5cm (W) 

Weight: 2 grams 

Package Includes: 1x Sensory Sticker 

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