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FARRELL* Bag — Gastric Pressure Relief Valve System (ENFit Compatible)

FARRELL* Bag — Gastric Pressure Relief Valve System (ENFit Compatible)

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Now finally available to the open New Zealand market, we are proud to have partnered with Avanos be able to offer these to our customers and community here.  

The FARRELL* Valve System is a closed reservoir overflow system designed to help patients who suffer from poor gastric motility, pain, and bloating. 

The Farrell* Valve bag allows for the relief of gastric pressure while not losing any gastric contents. It helps retain excess medications and enteral formula, allowing the patients own body to take it in again as it is able to, while helping relieve the built up gasses to escape and reduces the pain of excess wind from building up. This can help with tolerance of gastric feeding as well as less time needed off of feeds.  

The FARRELL* Valve System prevents exposure to gastric contents and eliminates the need for open system syringe venting. No need for a “chimney” anymore! The FARRELL* Valve System is a closed enteral decompression system intended to allow excess gas to be removed from your stomach (gastric distention/bloating) and to prevent the loss of formula/nutrition, medication, and stomach contents.

The benefits of reduced gastric pressure can be  significant, and has been proven to show:
— Reduction for the risk of pulmonary aspiration
—  Relieves pressure on recent gastric surgeries e.g. fundoplication
— Facilitates enteral feeding tolerance and helps patients reach caloric goals 

Medical conditions and therapies that may benefit from the Farrell* Valve system can include:
— Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER)
— CPAP, Ventilator or High Flow O2 Therapy
— Delayed Gastric Emptying
— Neurologically Impaired Patients
— Post-Op Fundoplication

Quote: The FARRELL* Valve can prevent spills that could cause the skin to be irritated from exposure to gastric fluids, and the loss of gastric contents, including electrolytes, gastric fluids, and medications.”  —  Karen Bonner, RN


Please also see more in documents for download: 



Material: Medical Grade Plastics 

Size: 20cm (L) x 12.5cm (W) x 2.5cm (D) 

Capacity: 250ml, 500ml, or 750ml 

Weight: 45 grams 

Package includes: 1x Farrell* Valve Bag 

How to use:

Hang Farrell Valve Bag on IV pole parallel to feeding bag. Place Y port equal to or below stomach. Close white roller clamp. Hook feeding bag line into Y connector. Open white clamp to pre-fill tubing to just below blue clamp. Close the blue clamp. Plug Farrel Valve bag pressure relief system into feeding tube. Open blue clamp. Open white clamp. Good to go! 

Before Connecting: Please check tube for any dried residue, look for kinks and examine the stomach of the user for signs of bloating or swelling. If bloating exists, manually relieve the pressure with a syringe. 

Low-Feed Situations: Newborns might need a long time to get a good flow in the Farrell tubing before you can open the white roller clamp. With this group, the bag and the pump need to be as close to the stomach as possible. Attach an extension set and pre-fill to keep extra air out of the stomach.

Formula Flow: Formula will move up and down in the tubing. However, the food should be just above the height of the stomach. *Do not let the food to back up into the Farrell bag.

How to chose the right connecter:  ENFit is the new global standard for enteral feeding connections. The Farrell System comes with both ENFit connectors, as well as the older style connectors for people who still have feeding tubes with cone-shaped connectors.

How it works: The Farrell Valve Bag cancels the pressure of the feeding pump. Gravity pulls food down the line. The tube serves as an escape valve against pressure build-up in the stomach. The bag at the top does not inflate because of the built-in vent. If any formula starts collecting in the bag, it is because the line is kinked or blocked.

How to give medicines: Close the blue clamp. Give medicine through the medicine port on the feeding tube. Allow five to ten minutes to pass. Open the blue clamp and resume feeding.

How to clear a line blockage:  Close the white clamp of the Farrell Valve Bag. Allow the pump to continue running. The pressure should clear the line. Once the line clears, open the white valve again.

Product features and benefits: Helps Release Bloating in Feeding. Latex Free Product. Includes Connection Tube. Air Release Valve. Clear View Bag. Maximizes Enteral Feeding. Opened Air Valve. 

Note: Information for this page has been collected directly from the Avanos Website. For more information on this product, including a list of resources and references, please see: AVANOS.COM


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