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Easy Squeeze Shower Dispenser

Easy Squeeze Shower Dispenser

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Here to make your showering more accessible and convenient with our wall mounted shower dispensers! That means that instead of having to manhandle the bottles in your bathroom, or try and push the plungers to get the right amount of product into your hands, is a thing of the past — the bonus being that with the bottles now naturally kept upside down that no product goes to waste anymore, and you don’t have to try and carefully lean a bottle upside down in the bathroom or cup to try and drain all the product! By design — it’s finally sorted for you! 

The bottles are installed with NO lids, this means that with a simple squeeze of the tip of the silicone bottle where the circle is indicated (see photos of video), that you can squirt the perfect amount that is needed directly into your hands, and we can confirm that the bottles and opening doesn’t leat between uses either! 

Made from silicone, they are stretchy enough to be able to fit snuggly around and hold a wide variety of sizes and shapes of bathroom bottles, and have the opening on the front to help easily show what is in each bottle and which is which for easy use as well! 

These can be sold as a set of 3, each bottle comes with a shower wall clip. You can use double sided gel tape for easy removal, otherwise 3M hook tapes work well also. 



Materials: Silicone 

Size: 8cm wide x 20cm length (but very adjustable!!) and 1.5cm depth / thickness 

Colour: Red, White, Blue  

Weight: 33 grams each (100 grams for 3) 

Package includes: 1x bottle or  1x set of 3 shower bottles  

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