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Earpods / Earbuds Cleaning Kit

Earpods / Earbuds Cleaning Kit

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Multifunction technology cleaning kit in one handy and easy to use tool! Finally a way to easily and safely clean your EarPods, earbuds, headphones, mobile phone and tablet - getting into all the nooks, crannies and creases to remove dust and any gunky build up

These pens are great at getting into all the areas that you have never been able to fully get into or get clean - until now. Yahoooo!! Debris, dust, gunk — be gone! 


Seperate double head design for a 3 in 1 earphone cleaning kit with flocking sponge, high density brush, metal nib, long bristle brush and double head design to get into all those hard to reach places and clean it with a variety of tool and cleaning tool options to help.  

Store with all your technology and accessories to have easy access to the cleaning pen as you need it.  


Material: plastic, stainless steel, high density sponge 

Size: 11cm (L) x 1.7cm (diameter)

Inner Tool Length: 9.5cm 

Weight: 9 grams 

Package includes: 1x earbuds cleaning pen  

How to use: To use, simply open the pen and use the various tools to clean any grime or ear wax from both your ear pods, and the case that they sit / charge in. For more info see our step by step photo suggestions. 


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