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Drink Bottle Extender Hose / Straw

Drink Bottle Extender Hose / Straw

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This fantastic drink bottle extender hose will allow you to drink from your bottle without having to get your bottle out of your bag or cup holder - in fact, you won’t even have to pick up the bottle at all! This works similar to how your standard hydration packs work. Simply drink from the straw when you would like a drink. Perfect for those on the go, or who have difficulty lifting a drink bottle or cup to hydrate freely.

These are also a fantastic accessory for anyone who travels daily with their backpack or work bag, has a wheelchair and uses a drink bottle with cup holder, or is actively in the go and wants better, easier solutions. 

This bottle lid with hose is compatible with all drink 600ml/750ml water and fizzy drink bottle screw caps.  The cap and straw have been designed to move and adapt easily to movement, with an ergonomic tap. To drink, simply uncap the drink end and gently bite down and suck to draw the water up into your mouth. 

This accessory works well for anyone hiking, biking, fishing, climbing, playing sports, boating, travelling, going to school, uni, work, on the run with errands, or walking with friends. Also great for anyone with disability or impaired muscle movement and control.




Material: Food Grade TPU, and PE 

Size: Please see details below… 

Hose: 90cm (L) x 1.5cm (diameter) 

Storage Bag: 18.5cm x 16cm 

Weight: 80 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Drink Bottle Hose + storage bag. 

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