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Easy Door Knob Grip — Silicone

Easy Door Knob Grip — Silicone

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Do you struggle with opening round door handles? Have you been trapped in a bathroom before because you couldn’t open the round handle door knobs? maybe you have arthritis in your hands or another reason that causes you pain, or struggle to open it? This is a very real situation for many, and these door knob grips can make all the difference! Peace of mind, and security to know you have a helping hand! Hold gently and press to twist, or use a fist to open it!

The logical answer would be to change the door knobs to door levers so that you can just easily press down — but for various reasons it’s often not always possible and so this helps to offer a solution to that, and does so with no installation or expensive costs. They are super portable, so whether you’re going out for the day, visiting a friend, or going away on a trip, you can pop it in your bag without it taking up much room. Functional solutions that make a difference!

Easy to put on, just slide it up to and over the door knob, make sure that the door knob is securely in there and you’re good to go! We have added videos to this post to help show you how to work it fully. 

Bonus: They will protect your walls from marks or damage because of the door handle being there. With this silicone door knob cover, you won’t have to worry about this anymore — peace of mind and clean walls! 


Material: TRP 

Colour: Clear 

Size: 8cm (L) x 5.5cm (diameter) 

Weight: 33 grams each 

Package contains: 2x door knob grips  

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