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Crutches Holder (Metal)

Crutches Holder (Metal)

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Crutches, walking stick and umbrella holder for your wheelchair, scooter or mobility device. Use the screw holes to screw this bracket directly into your mobility device (using someone trained to do this), or use one of our snap on brackets with screw threads already there so that you can attach this without having to screw directly into your mobility device directly itself. 

Finally, a way for you to bring your walking stick, crutches or umbrella with you when you head out the door in an easy and convenient way — ready to come along with you wherever you go, giving you more choice and control over your own mobility options! 

Made of quality iron, it will not easily rust, so great for items that get wet occasionally. The top bracket has a dictator that will help to keep the crutch from shaking.   


Material: Iron 

Size: 24.5cm (L) x 6.5cm (W) x 6cm (D) 

Weight:  274 grams 

Package includes: 1x Iron Umbrella / Walking Stick Holder 

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