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CPAP Tube Storage Holder + Hanger

CPAP Tube Storage Holder + Hanger

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Keep your CPAP/BiPap mask and tubing together and organised with this CPAP organiser. When it is in use, the organiser is designed specifically to support your own comfort when wearing the mask by supporting the tube so that it isn’t pulling or tugging at all. When it’s not in use, this holder has been designed to easily, conveniently and compactly hold and store your mask. 

This holder has been designed for standard 1.5cm — 2.2cm tubing with rubber cuffs. The end caps will fit snuggly into the rubber cuffs.

For the 2.2cm tubing — it will snap into the tubing bridge channels when it’s hanging to soak or dry. 

For the slimmer 1.5cm tubing — the end caps will fit snuggly into the rubber cuffs, but because it is the slimmer version, it will not snap properly into the tubing. It can still be hung over the bridge to dry. It may not hang properly to soak, unlike the 2.2cm.

For the Heated 2.2cm Tubing —  In most cases Heated Tubing has specialised connectors at the "machine end" and standard connectors at the "mask end." End Caps will not fit the specialised connector end, but will generally fit the standard connector end. Heated 22mm Tubing should snap properly into the Tubing Bridge channels when hanging to soak or dry.

Heated Tubing 1.5cmTubing can still be hung over the bridge to dry but it may not hang properly to soak.

Easy tube cleaning in three steps:

1. Use the End Caps to secure a cleaning solution inside of the tube.

2. Hang the hose to SOAK.

3. Take off the End Caps, flip the tube to DRY, while hanging from your chosen surface.



Pop Material: ABS Plastic 

Size: 14cm (W) x 13cm (L) x 4cm (D) 

Weight: 34 grams (64 grams with box) 

Package includes: 1x CPAP Storage Hose Hanger  

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