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Cotton Linen Brushes Bath Towels Rubbing Exfoliating

Cotton Linen Brushes Bath Towels Rubbing Exfoliating

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This cotton linen body scrubber and exfoliator belt makes it easier than ever to wash and scrub your back while you’re in the shower or the bath. It has been designed with easy grip handles at each end of the scrubbing belt, to help make it easier to grip/use.

The scrubbing belt has two options for a deep skin clean - a softer cotton side for gentle cleaning and for delicate areas, and a more rough side to help remove dead skin tissue and the grime built up over the day.

Feel the satisfaction of a deep skin clean, whether that is in the shower or the bath, with this cotton linen fabric body belt. Designed to last, hang the belt to dry after you have used it, and machine wash as needed. 

Note: This back scrubbing belt can alternatively also be used for household cleaning, and deep scrubbing.  


Material: Cotten Linen  

Size: 70cm (L) x 9cm (W) 

Weight: 55 grams

Package includes: 1x Body Scrubber Belt


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