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Cooling / Heating Shoulder Relief

Cooling / Heating Shoulder Relief

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Unlike other ice packs that you have to try and mould around your shoulder, hold it in place, or keep moving it around to find effective relief from your pain in all shoulder areas — this brace allows you to support and cover the entire shoulder area easily at one time. Even better? You can easily walk around with it on and continue on with your day, while still expediting relief!

This brace can be effective for those with injuries and shoulder conditions such as frozen shoulder, muscle sprain, stiffness, aches and pains. It will also benefit those with chronic illness involving joint conditions such as arthritis, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and other inflammatory joint issues in the shoulder and scapula.

The relaxing relief of heating and cooling braces can help to aid you your healing and recovery journey. 


— The shoulder brace is fully adjustable to fit a wide both men and woman of a wide variety of body sizes. 

— It has a plush side and a nylon side, so that you can use it with either side and on either shoulder, to help support your comfort. Just flip it over to suit you.

— The plush side offers a more gentle heating or cooling, and will absorb condensation as the ice pack comes back up to room temperature over time.

— Cooling brace can be worn and offer gentle cool relief at room temperature, or you can place it in the fridge or freezer for extra cooling and ice pack relief.

— It can be used for heating, if you gently heat it in the microwave for a minute or two (watch closely and be careful that you don’t overheat it or scald yourself)

— Alternating heat and cool is a great therapy for the healing from a shoulder injury. You could use this n stages, heating it after the cooling has worn off. When the heating has settled, freeze it again. Alternatively, you could have two braces, and keep one in the fridge or freezer, and one that you keep for just heating up…

— Specifically designed for using on the left or right

Don’t put up with your pain unnecessarily! 

Note: We encourage you to seek medical care and attention for any injury. We do not offer health advice. 


Material: Nylon, Plush, Velcro, Gel 

Size: See dimensions for below… 

Chest Dimensions: 75cm — 120cm 

Arm Dimensions: 23cm — 48cm 

Box Size20cm x 13cm x 9cm 

Weight:   7 kgs 

Package includes: 1x Shoulder Brace, 1x Storage Bag

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