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Continence — Adult Pull Up

Continence — Adult Pull Up

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An incredibly comfortable and easy to wear and use continence underwear that has been designed to hole and contain leakage from the bladder or the bowels. 

Designed with 3 layers of leak-proof protection, for peace of mind — the inner layer contains absorbent bamboo fibre, the middle layer is breathable TPU waterproof film, finishes with an outer combined cotton layer for comfortable to wear, anywhere! These contain a comfortable breathable inner crutch, with leg tightness in the girdle to prevent side leakage.

Use at regularly at home, when you are out for the day, or travelling, with the knowledge that if you do have any leakages, that you’ll have time to sort it out.


These absorbent underwear are great for: 

— those with incontinence (urinary or bowel) and want extra security additional to any continence aids 

— Woman who have heavy periods and woman who are recovering and healing from recent births 

— Those with bowel disease or fistulas 

— Those who have had recent surgeries.

— Those with occasional bladder or bowel leaking, and want peace of mind and time to sort it travelling



Material: combined cotton, TPU, Bamboo Fibre 

SizeTo fit size details are below.. 

Medium:  to fit 35 — 55kg 

Largeto fit 55 — 70kg

X Largeto fit 70 — 90kg 

Weight: 80 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Continence Underwear   


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