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Compressed Hand Towels

Compressed Hand Towels

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When you are out and about and need quick access to a towel or something to help wipe up a spill, these compressed towels make a winner product to keep on hand and in the car or your purse while out and about. 

Perfect for an on the go ostomy bag, a first aid kit, or to quickly clean up kids messy hands or face, and not have to dig into the recesses of your bag or car to find a tissue, towel or wet wipe. Have these on hand knowing that they take up such little space, but once unravelled can hold so much, and can easily sort and come to the rescue of any spills or clean ups needed!

Great for soft, sensitive skin, these are both soft and comfortable to use. The compressed towels are made of a spun-laced non-woven fabric. They are delicate, soft, but hardy and strong. No pilling, no crumbling, and once used will naturally start degrading with time. 

These work great as a face towel when you need to have a quick freshen up, as a make up remover wipe. Also useable for cleaning hands, and even as an emergency toilet paper when there is none — just make sure you chuck it in the sanitary bin instead of flushing it down the toilet (keep toilets unclogged!)

Great for your quick and on the go east needs!  


Material: non woven cotton, + soft sealed plastic 

Size: 2cm (Diameter) x 0.8cm (H) 

Weight:  2 grams each 

Package includes: set of 4, 8, 12 or 15 

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