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Clamp Hook

Clamp Hook

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These aluminium clamp hooks have a fantastic range of uses, and are a great addition to your mobility device, or a pole that you would like to be able to easily hang and store items on. These hooks are made with a high quality aluminium and will clamp around any pole without the need drill through it or make holes in any way. It can be easily removed at any time. And is a great way to easily and safely hang your backpack or bag from the back of your mobility device, or other shopping without getting in your way. 

These hooks are resistant to dusting, easy to install, and don’t require any heavy tools to do so. The bonus is that we are also including two lengths of screws to allow you to fit the one that suits your needs the best. 

We recommend these as a great option for: 

 1. Mobility devices — Manual or Power Wheelchair, or an electric or manual mobility scooter to carry your groceries, hand bag, or jacket. 

2. Transport — put one on the frame of your bike or your manual or electric scooter to help safely hold your jacket, carry your shopping, your hand bag, etc 

2. As a hook for medical needs — whether that is fashioning it to the wheelchair itself, or onto an IV pole (purchased or home made), it makes a great hook for hanging your tube feeds, or other bags (such as for a catheter bag being hung under a wheelchair). 

3. Golf cart, umbrella handle, etc — anything that you want to get out and about in, but having a hook to hang things such as jackets or keys would be helpful.

4. In the workshop to hang items from — customers jackets, workshop jackets or uniforms, as a quick grab  and go key hook, for bags and backpacks, and so on! 

5. A wide range of other uses.

How would you use one of these hooks on a pole? 


Material: Aluminium Alloy 

Size: 8cm (L) x 5cm (W) x 4cm (D) 

Applicable Size: tube diameter (2.0-3.5cm)

Weight: 45 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Hook + 2x set of Screws (one set is 3.3cm-3.2cm long the other is  2.2cm length)!


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