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Reusable Daily Chores Chart

Reusable Daily Chores Chart

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Remove the stress of getting chores done with this fantastic memo chores chart! We have the option for a pre-filled template of morning routines, the option for custom printed chore charts, or we can send blank pages for you to fill and write in yourself. Using these charts can help kids and adults navigate routines, shores or tasks with an easy reference checklist. It also has a slider on the righthand side to be easily able to track which jobs have been done, and which are yet to be completed, with the satisfaction of seeing that all tasks are done and the confidence in themselves that nothing was accidentally forgotten.

The chore board is printed on biodegradable plastic that is suitable for pets and humans. The unique design of the slider means that it is easy to slide back and forward, but will stay in place once it is moved. The list is easy to access and change, as the front plate can easily snap off to change the insert inside. 

These charts are beneficial for: 

Kids and their morning routines before and after school, before bed routines, and household duties. 

Adults before they leave for work 

— As a cleaning routine and tasks for the home / flat 

— As a medication reminder for what is taken when 

— To support routines & tasks for those with Autism

— To support tasks for closing up house before the last person leaves the house, batch, or holiday home. 

— For those who use caravans and steps to be done before and after leaving after being parked up. 

— For kids at school 

— To help support those with Alzheimer’s Disease 

— To help support caregivers on what needs doing 

— To help support caregivers for medical routines 

— Steps to setting up a feeding tube or IV cares 

— For the workplace, routines / chores to be followed 

So many more tasks and uses for these boards!! 

How would you use one of these? Let us know! 



Material: PP Plastic + Card 

Size: 20cm (L) x 12cm (W) x 0.5cm (H) 

Weight: 100 grams 

Package includes: 1x Chores List Check Board 

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