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Braces Removal Tool / Food Tool Remover

Braces Removal Tool / Food Tool Remover

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An orthodontic corrector remover allows you to easily and safely remove your orthodontic liner hygienically and allows you to do so with the ring grip, as opposed to your fingers. This is a great option for those with weak, delicate or painted nails, as well as those who don’t have strong pincer grip or the easy access to remove their device. It also works well for those who need help from someone to remove their orthodontic corrector, and removes the need for someone else to hand their hands in your mouth to be able to do so.

This tool also works well for those who want a stable, reusable and reliable way to pick food that compacts into a tooth and to remove build up from dental gaps. 

Note: Also available in pink, white, blue, rose red, purple, and yellow. Please enquire for these options. 


Material: ABS Plastic 

Size: 7.5cm (L) x 2.5cm (W) 

Weight: 2 grams each 

Package includes: 1x Dental / Braces Tool 

How to use:  
To remove the orthodontic liner, you want to place your finger through the ring and grip it well. Use the hook end to remove the liner by placing it between your tooth and your liner. You can do this on the tongue or cheek side, whichever works best for you. Try and use it against one of the back molars for the easiest removal, then gently pull downward with gentle pressure to help break the suction and dislodge the liner. Use your two front teeth if you can to help finish dropping the orthodontic liner out fully. You can have someone else to drop the liner from the front teeth if you need to as well. 

To use as a dental pick, keep your finger through the ring end, use the hook to help dig out or dislodge any built up food where you would like to remove build up. 


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