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Bra Extender Clips

Bra Extender Clips

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These extendable bra straps allow you to change how wide hour bra sits, giving you more breathing space and comfort to wear your bra the way that suits you.  

A great option for those who have a bra that is a little too tight around the chest, or need something to help make that new bra more comfortable to ‘wear in’ as you initially wear it. Also a great option for those who have experienced weight gain recently, or are early on in a pregnancy to avoid needing to buy all new bras.

Note: Also available in other colours, please enquire. 


Material: Cotton, fabric, metal clips 

Size: 3.2cm (W) x 5cm (L) Buckle Distance: 1.3cm 

Weight: 2 grams 

Package includes: 1x Set Bra Extender Clip of choice 


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