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Anti-Spill Gyro Bowl

Anti-Spill Gyro Bowl

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Our gyro bowls are a great first choice and option for your busy little ones and their favourite snacks. They are also a really great option for anyone that struggles with uncontrolled muscle movements, spasms or instability with walking around or holding a bowl up while moving without losing the contents of the bowl.

The bowl is designed so that no matter how you hold, move or tip the bowl, the contents of the bowl will stay inside and upright. If they tip the bowl upside down, the content in the bowl will stay inside of it. The bowl has 3 handles so that you can easily hold and grip it in whatever way works best for you, with a lid included in every purchase so you can easily close the contents in the bowl to take with you anywhere!  


Material: Food Grade PP Plastic 

Size: see below for break down of components 

Entire unit: 18cm (diameter) x 8cm (H) 

Bowl Size: 9cm (W) x 5cm (H) 

Weight: 132 grams 

Package Includes: 1x Gyro Bowl of choice 

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