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Anti Fog Glasses Wipes

Anti Fog Glasses Wipes

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These anti fog mask wipes keep your glasses fog free and help to reduce any instant fogging with the likes of up and close cooking, or prolonged work where a pearl of sweat has pierced through your brow.  These cloths are a honestly a game changer for glasses wearers! These glasses cloths have a special product and coating on them to keep your glasses from fogging up on you. This has been critical during Covid these last few years when wearing a mask has been essential, and while the mandates have dropped off for some, for others they will continue for some time to come yet (nurses, medical professionals).

The glasses cloths can also help aid while you cook, and will reduce the fogging up of your glasses while standing over the stove, after very heavy endurance exercise and when you find your body is overheating. 

The glasses cloths can be reused for up to a month, and can be kept in the package it comes in. Just seal it shut between uses. It’s thin and light weight which means that it will take up very little space in your bag. 


Note: Please do not wash this cloth, as you will void it and wash off the special treatment and coating. Please wash your hands after you’ve used the cloth.


Material: Suede 

Size: Cloth itself  — 14cm x 14cm square 

Weight: 7 grams 

Package includes: 1x Anti Fog Glasses Cleaning Wipe

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