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Adult Disposable KN95 Medical Mask

Adult Disposable KN95 Medical Mask

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Life is too short to be boring! If you need a disposable mask, these are a great option! Available in a range of bright fun colours, and prints - why not have fun with colour and use it to accessorise your outfit! 


Material: Non woven fabric, solvent spray, thermal insulation cover.

Size: 15.5cm (L) x 10.5cm (W)

Weight: 6 grams approx

Package includes: 1x Mask (unless in a deal)

To use: Just as you normally would. Open the mask, and expand it. Shape the nose piece to the shape of your own nose and secure the mask to have a good seal around your face. Using the straps, attach them to one of our mask accessories, or pop the straps in behind your ears. Double check for a good fit.

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