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Adaptable Cup Holder for Car

Adaptable Cup Holder for Car

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A cup holder that works for you, and allows you to access your beverage more easily while on the road. Works well for those who can’t reach the vehicles inbuilt cup or bottle holders. These drink holders allow you to place them where it best works for you or your loved one. Great for those with limited mobility or core strength, with hemiparesis, and young kids. 

These cup holder simply slide in between the door and where the glass window panes wind down into. Just slide the cup holder against the door and hook the back into where the window winds down into. 

This cup holder has been designed with you in mind. The flex within the cup holder also allows it to absorb some of the vibrations and reduce the overall spills. 

These cups holders can also be used on a boat, a picnic hamper, a decks hand rail, and on your mobility device if it had a flat platform to hang it from, and any other space that has a width no more than 8.2cm 




Material: ABS Plastic 

Size ll: 6.7cm (diameter, bottom) x 7.6cm (diameter, top) x 13.5cm (H) 

Weight: 25 grams 

Package includes: 1x Car Drink Bottle Holder 


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