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Activity — Jumping Frogs

Activity — Jumping Frogs

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Our jumping frogs are so much fun. Jump these frogs and see who can get their frog to jump into the dish or bucket that you have set up - or wwho can jump their frog the greatest possible distance. The learning and activities that can come from this are endless. 

These are fantastic for kids parties, confined spaces, and rainy indoor days, as well as making a fantastic activity and distraction for those unwell at home or are in hospital, and to create laughs and create and enjoy precious memories of quality time together too! 


These make a fun activity or game for:

— Kids to play alone or together with others

— As an great activity for rainy days inside

— As a learning aid for maths and story telling 

— As a game at a kids party 

— When someone is sick and can’t move far, to promote distraction and inclusion for everyone 

— A great activity for using in confined spaces such as visiting someone in hospital, camping, and travel 



Material: Plastic 

Size: 5.5cm x 6cm 

Weight: 30 grams 

Package Contains: 5x Jumping Frogs 


How to play:

Game One: Give everyone one frog each, or a set of frogs of the same colour. Take turns and see who can get their frog to jump the greatest distance each. You could adapt this game by allowing people additional jumps of their frog in turns to see who can get the frog the furthest over a series or number of turns. You could also set up a finish line - and first over line wins.

Game Two: Give everyone a set of frogs of one colour each. Set up a bowl or a bucket as the target location, each person takes turns to jump one of their frogs into the bucket at a time. Keep each taking your turns until all frogs are in the bucket. The first person to get all of their frogs into the bucket together, wins.

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